What to do when all the good USPs are taken


No, no, no.


All the USPs are not taken.

Some days it seems like they are all taken. Some days it seems like you don’t have anything special to offer. Some days you feel just like everyone else.

So how do you get from that place, to a kickass USP?

I’ll tell a foolproof strategy in a minute.

But first let’s rap a bit about why you need one in the first place.

Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) tells people why they should buy from you.

Buy. From. You.

Without telling people why they should buy from you, they might not buy from you.

And isn’t that the point of business?

(If not, you probably have a “passion project“, where you thought you had a “business“.)

If you aren’t sending out a homing signal for your ideal prospects saying “here is exactly what you’ve been looking for”, you’re missing out. You’re leaving money on the table.

Your ideal prospects will digitally walk right past your business without a second thought.

So, yes, you need one.

Now, what is it? What makes you unique? What makes you the perfect choice for your ideal customer?

No, it’s not your customer service.

No, not your “passion”. (Not directly anyway.)

What do you offer that your ideal customer can’t get anywhere else?

Ok, still drawing a blank?

You do have a USP. Even if you don’t know it yet.

Ready to unearth it?

Ask your clients.

Seriously, get on the phone and repeat after me.

“I want to serve my clients better so I’m looking for some feedback. When you first came to me as a client, why did you choose me and not [insert closest competitor]”?

Then listen to what they say.

Now the hard part. You might not like what they tell you.

If they say anything that resembles:

  • Cheapest
  • Lowest Price
  • Good deal
  • Affordable

You have some serious work to do.

You do not want to be the “cheapest” provider of the service or product you offer. You just don’t.

But that is a topic for another time.

Go forth and unearth your USP.

Happy Monday,

Nichelle “unearther” Hubley



Rhymes to Riches

It’s Friday and I’m exhausted from all the #hustle. So here’s a rhyme to ease you into the weekend.

There’s a time in your business,

When growth plateaus.

To reach the next level,

To the grindstone, hold your nose.

But there’s another way.

To breakthrough. Level-up.

Stick to what you’re best at,

Then pass the rest off.

Nichelle Hubley


When you feel like throwing in the towel

Running a business, eh?

It’s not always ‘lunch on the golf course’.

Maybe when you were getting started you had dreams of:

  • Setting your own hours
  • Taking vacation days whenever you wanted
  • Pawning off the tough work on your employees
  • And yes, taking the afternoon off to hit the golf course.

Now, if you’ve managed a certain degree of success in your business, you might be able to do those things.

Your friends might even be jealous that you don’t have to answer to anyone.

But they don’t see you.

They don’t see you when you put in 18 hour days. They don’t know that don’t remember the last time you had dinner with your family. They don’t know how hard you work to take care of everything.

And some days, it can seem insurmountable.

When you’re exhausted and you have a to-do list a mile long and you’ve lost your perspective…

Reach out and talk to someone who gets it.

It could be me.

We could talk strategy so you can actually get more done, in less time (book it here). Or we could just shoot the shit.

If not me, then someone else.

Because building a business – that can be isolating work.

Peace out,

Nichelle ‘shoots the shit’ Hubley

Digital Marketing Myths that Kill Sales (and what to do instead)

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about Digital Marketing (DM for short). I’ve been looking around the internet and, quite frankly, I’m p*ssed off.

I see so many marketing campaigns that are doomed to fail.

Never had a shot.


So many businesses are stuck in the starting gates and I think it’s because of some DM myths that just won’t quit.

A few such myths:

  1. Digital Marketing tactics change so fast – we can’t keep up with what’s best.
  2. No one reads emails anymore.
  3. Our competitors aren’t doing Digital Marketing so we don’t have to either.
  4. SEO is dead (RIP).
  5. Our website is our Digital Marketing strategy.
  6. We need a lot of traffic to make Digital Marketing work for our business.
  7. What we really need is a Social Media strategy.
  8. Our industry is too boring for Digital Marketing.

I could go on and on (and I might, later).

What do all these myths have in common?

They are downright dangerous to your bottom line.

And, if you believe them, you’re probably robbing yourself of sales that are going to someone else who ignores these so-called rules of Digital Marketing.

Just something to think about. Especially before you push the “publish” button…

Nichelle ‘mythbuster’ Hubley

P.S. To find out what does work…and how you can fly past your competitors using digital marketing that actually works…book a 20-minutes strategy session with me to get your Digital Marketing Blueprint.

How to grow your business like Henry Ford

Henry Ford was one smart dude. Besides, you know, inventing cars as we know them, he also shared some of the best advice I ever heard:

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’re gonna get what you’ve always got.”

Grammar aside, this advice is dead on.

If you want something better to happen to your business, you ain’t gonna get it by doing the same old.

Status quo won’t win you any rewards.

If you look back on your goals for 2015, did you do everything you hoped? (If not, there’s still time.)

If your business didn’t grow the way you wanted, this is why.

If you didn’t spend more time with your family, make more money, or nurture new partnerships, this is why.

The problem is…


There, I said it. Someone had to.

If you want something to change, start by looking in the mirror.

Take a hard look at how you spend your time.

What are you doing every day to push yourself towards your goals?

If you aren’t dedicating time every day, but you’re still hoping to do make progress?

You’re kidding yourself.

All you’re really doing is making excuses.

Probably because the thing you really need to do is hard. Or uncomfortable.

Outside your comfort zone.

If your goal is to grow your business

…and it should be, otherwise, do us both a favour and unsubscribe…

The fastest way to grow quickly is to get help.

Wouldn’t you know it, I can help you.

Book a 20 minute strategy session with me and I’ll walk you step-by-step through my blueprint for digital growth.

Try something different and get the results you’ve been hoping for.

Nichelle ‘something different’ Hubley

What you *should be doing* instead of planning 2016.

So, you want to make 2016 a “banner year”?

Make 2016 your bitch?

Kick 2016 in the balls?

Here we go again. As *soon* as the weather turns and the Halloween decorations come down.

“Start planning for 2016”
“How will you make 2016 EVEN BETTER than 2015?”
et cetera
et cetera

You know what?

This will blow your mind.

2015 still has 2 MONTHS (give or take) of good, solid, business building time.

The best part?

Your competitors are already focusing on 2016.

While they have their sights set on January 1…why don’t you turn up the heat on your strategy for November and December.

While your competitors are trying to shake off their turkey coma, you’re charging full steam ahead into the bright new year.

Hit 2016 with extreme momentum behind you.

Let’s focus on squeezing every ounce of potential out of these last 2 months.

You with me?

Book your 20-minute strategy session.

Nichelle “extreme momentum” Hubley

Never trust a man with short legs…

Never trust a man with short legs… His brain is too near his ass.

Ok, ok, yesterday I promised to talk more about trust.

More specifically how to get strangers on the internet to trust you.

Do it correctly it means more money in your pocket – virtually right away.

Do it the wrong way and you’ll look like a guy handing out candy from the back of a windowless van.

You with me so far?

Yesterday, I said there was an easy way, and a hard way.

The hard way is to earn it (like my momma always said). And don’t get me wrong, you should be earning it too.By showing up every day, having integrity, treating people right.

Alas, that’s more of a long term strategy.

The faster – easier way?

Social proof.

Testimonials. Reviews. Whatever social media ego stroke du jour is in season.

In other words, the easiest way to get someone to trust you is to get other people to vouch for you.

So, get your best customer to vouch for you.

Put it up where people can see it.

And pull in the profits.

You with me?


Now let’s talk about your long term strategy. Book a free 20 minute strategy tete a tete with me here.

Nichelle “social proof” Hubley

The cure for digital tumbleweeds…

In the olden days (not that long ago) I had a j-o-b that I really didn’t like at all. I tried to sell widgets*. On the internet.

Correction: I wasn’t trying.

As Yoda said “Do or do not. There is no try.”

So I guess what I mean to say is…

In my other j-o-b I did *not* sell the widget*.

I tried everyTHING the goo-roos say to do. Funnels, squeeze pages, autoresponders, bonuses, URGENCY. I even – as the other whatshisname said – tried to get them to see the “hearse at the curb”. (Not literally – it wasn’t that kind of widget*.)

But you know what?

All those THINGS ain’t nothin’ without this one other THING.

Without this THING, everything else is wasted. Your heartfelt advice falls on deaf ears. Your sales messages are glossed over. The only action your website sees is from digital tumbleweeds.

You know what the THING is?


In my widget* slinging days I couldn’t convince anyone to trust us. To our website visitors we were a digital enigma. They didn’t know us from Adam, no one would vouch for us and quite frankly I didn’t blame them.

So I worked away, building systems that couldn’t work. My funnels, squeeze pages, autoresponders never stood a chance.

My point – in case you missed it – is that without trust you might as well pack up shop. No one is picking up what you’re putting down. Your customers’ wallets are staying in their pockets. Your cash register isn’t ringing.

It doesn’t matter if your website has all the traffic in the world, you’re not making sales.

And without sales, you’re not in business.


So, trust then.

How do we get that?

That depends. You want to do it the hard way, or the easy way?

The easy way?

Ok, sure.

I’ll cover that tomorrow.

In the meantime, I’ll be hanging out on the internet building trust.

You can get on the fast track to trust by booking a 20-minute strategy session with me.

Until tomorrow,

Nichelle “you can trust me” Hubley