Digital Marketing Myths that Kill Sales (and what to do instead)

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about Digital Marketing (DM for short). I’ve been looking around the internet and, quite frankly, I’m p*ssed off.

I see so many marketing campaigns that are doomed to fail.

Never had a shot.


So many businesses are stuck in the starting gates and I think it’s because of some DM myths that just won’t quit.

A few such myths:

  1. Digital Marketing tactics change so fast – we can’t keep up with what’s best.
  2. No one reads emails anymore.
  3. Our competitors aren’t doing Digital Marketing so we don’t have to either.
  4. SEO is dead (RIP).
  5. Our website is our Digital Marketing strategy.
  6. We need a lot of traffic to make Digital Marketing work for our business.
  7. What we really need is a Social Media strategy.
  8. Our industry is too boring for Digital Marketing.

I could go on and on (and I might, later).

What do all these myths have in common?

They are downright dangerous to your bottom line.

And, if you believe them, you’re probably robbing yourself of sales that are going to someone else who ignores these so-called rules of Digital Marketing.

Just something to think about. Especially before you push the “publish” button…

Nichelle ‘mythbuster’ Hubley

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