Never trust a man with short legs…

Never trust a man with short legs… His brain is too near his ass.

Ok, ok, yesterday I promised to talk more about trust.

More specifically how to get strangers on the internet to trust you.

Do it correctly it means more money in your pocket – virtually right away.

Do it the wrong way and you’ll look like a guy handing out candy from the back of a windowless van.

You with me so far?

Yesterday, I said there was an easy way, and a hard way.

The hard way is to earn it (like my momma always said). And don’t get me wrong, you should be earning it too.By showing up every day, having integrity, treating people right.

Alas, that’s more of a long term strategy.

The faster – easier way?

Social proof.

Testimonials. Reviews. Whatever social media ego stroke du jour is in season.

In other words, the easiest way to get someone to trust you is to get other people to vouch for you.

So, get your best customer to vouch for you.

Put it up where people can see it.

And pull in the profits.

You with me?


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Nichelle “social proof” Hubley