What to do when all the good USPs are taken


No, no, no.


All the USPs are not taken.

Some days it seems like they are all taken. Some days it seems like you don’t have anything special to offer. Some days you feel just like everyone else.

So how do you get from that place, to a kickass USP?

I’ll tell a foolproof strategy in a minute.

But first let’s rap a bit about why you need one in the first place.

Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) tells people why they should buy from you.

Buy. From. You.

Without telling people why they should buy from you, they might not buy from you.

And isn’t that the point of business?

(If not, you probably have a “passion project“, where you thought you had a “business“.)

If you aren’t sending out a homing signal for your ideal prospects saying “here is exactly what you’ve been looking for”, you’re missing out. You’re leaving money on the table.

Your ideal prospects will digitally walk right past your business without a second thought.

So, yes, you need one.

Now, what is it? What makes you unique? What makes you the perfect choice for your ideal customer?

No, it’s not your customer service.

No, not your “passion”. (Not directly anyway.)

What do you offer that your ideal customer can’t get anywhere else?

Ok, still drawing a blank?

You do have a USP. Even if you don’t know it yet.

Ready to unearth it?

Ask your clients.

Seriously, get on the phone and repeat after me.

“I want to serve my clients better so I’m looking for some feedback. When you first came to me as a client, why did you choose me and not [insert closest competitor]”?

Then listen to what they say.

Now the hard part. You might not like what they tell you.

If they say anything that resembles:

  • Cheapest
  • Lowest Price
  • Good deal
  • Affordable

You have some serious work to do.

You do not want to be the “cheapest” provider of the service or product you offer. You just don’t.

But that is a topic for another time.

Go forth and unearth your USP.

Happy Monday,

Nichelle “unearther” Hubley