What you *should be doing* instead of planning 2016.

So, you want to make 2016 a “banner year”?

Make 2016 your bitch?

Kick 2016 in the balls?

Here we go again. As *soon* as the weather turns and the Halloween decorations come down.

“Start planning for 2016”
“How will you make 2016 EVEN BETTER than 2015?”
et cetera
et cetera

You know what?

This will blow your mind.

2015 still has 2 MONTHS (give or take) of good, solid, business building time.

The best part?

Your competitors are already focusing on 2016.

While they have their sights set on January 1…why don’t you turn up the heat on your strategy for November and December.

While your competitors are trying to shake off their turkey coma, you’re charging full steam ahead into the bright new year.

Hit 2016 with extreme momentum behind you.

Let’s focus on squeezing every ounce of potential out of these last 2 months.

You with me?

Book your 20-minute strategy session.

Nichelle “extreme momentum” Hubley